Service Flow

Service Flow

ApniGaddi Partner is an APP where the owner of a goods vehicle can get bookings for his vehicle. The owner can maintain as many vehicles as he has. If you have any commercial vehicle, you have to register it on the ApniGaddi Partner App ( and on the other hand, hirer searches and book commercial vehicle on ApniGaddi App (

If you get any booking for your vehicle, you will be charged Rs 50/- (including all tax) per booking. The amount will be deducted directly from your ApniGaddi wallet (for ApniGaddi Partner App Users only)

To get bookings, you have to maintain atleast Rs 50/- at ApniGaddi wallet.

(Note:- Driver or partner have to collect the fare directly from the hirer. ApniGaddi never collect any fare from the hirer)

User Manual of ApniGaddi Partner App

If you have got a truck then this is the right platform for you. We are an App based platform committed towards improving the earning of our partners by providing them several bookings per day and also down trip booking with flexible working conditions. Download the app from play-store and complete our quick sign-up process and adding your truck in few simple steps.

  • 1. Sign-up by entering your mobile number and enter the OTP sent to the number.

  • 2. Enter your details like name, email id and reference number and, register yourself.

  • 3. Go to MY VEHICLES section and select ADD VEHICLE.

  • 4. With the mentioned documents ready, proceed.
  • 5. Select the truck type and fill your vehicle number and press next.
  • 6. Upload registration certificate, insurance, pollution certificate and fitness.
  • 7. Fill driver details like driver mobile number and driver name, and upload his driving licence, aadhar card and photo.
  • 8. Upload the photo of truck from all the four sides.
  • 9. Fill up the fare in the table that you want to charge per trip according to distance mentioned.
  • 10. Add the cities and districts where you can provide your service and complete the procedure.

  • Congratulations, you are successfully registered with us. Shortly after verification of documents you will start getting bookings.
    You can manage all your trucks in the single app. Starting from vehicle documents to all the booking history and fare can be managed here in just few taps.
    We send the notification of each booking request you get from a client. We share the loading location and delivery location so that you can decide whether the service can be provided or not.
    There is no time limit set by us for your working. If you are available, put the button on ON mode. If you are unavailable, put the button on OFF mode.
    We try our level best so that you get a down trip booking on your each ride so that your earning may be maximized.


    Once your vehicle is booked, we will send a message and notification with all the details. If you accept the ride, we will charge you 50/- rupees for the booking. The commission is independent of the amount you are earning in each trip. For getting the booking, there should be minimum 50/- rupees in your wallet. You can add money in your wallet any time. We don’t take any money from the hirer. You can collect the rent from the hirer directly.

    We don’t take any money through the website. All transactions are limited to App only.